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By | December 7, 2015

Product:  UpCity’s online SEO platform
Overall Ranking:  90/100
Price:       $50/month, after free trial period
Owners:  UpCity
Website:  http://www.UpCity.com

UpCity SEO Software


UpCity provides 1) full service SEO and marketing services, 2) software and services for agencies, and 3) online SEO software for small businesses who wish to do their own SEO work with some guidance and instruction along the way.

My focus is primarily on the third item.  I have personally used UpCity’s online product to optimize three local business websites and, within the free trial period, all three were listed on the first pages of google searches for their primary keywords and locality.  I’m currently working on three sites which target broader audiences.


  • UpCity’s SEO platform unfolds in five stages, over thirteen courses, and over 225 unique tasks. They are presented in a logical flow from foundational basics to more advanced tasks and grouped for efficiency efficient workflow.UpCity Progress Overview
  • Their instructions are simple and clear, ensuring you know why you are doing each task, as well as how to do it. One task, for example, was to “Confirm that your website passes Google’s mobile friendly test.”  The “how to” instructions provided a direct link to Google’s analysis tool where I entered my URL, and in moments I received Google’s feedback, “Awesome!  This site is mobile friendly.”Upcity Explanation
  • Individual tasks are all labelled with an estimate of how long the task will take to accomplish and a point score designed to estimate the effect of that task on your overall optimization. This is a tremendous help for budging your time and fitting tasks into available time-slots.  Compare, for example, these two tasks:
    • Confirm that your site allows search engines to crawl the site is estimated to take about 15 minutes and to be worth 50 points, while
    • Identify and fix any broken links will likely take 60 minutes and is worth 5 points.Upcity Tasks
  • UpCity has recently added an easy-to-use tool for scheduling and publishing messages on a variety of social medial channels on specific days and times of your choosing, as well as a chart showing at what specific times people are engaging with your posts.UpCity Social Tool
  • UpCity also provides an objective and easy to understand scorecard for measuring your SEO progress. The scorecard includes an overall summary, a rank analysis versus your competitors, number of quality backlinks versus competitors, on-site analysis, access to search engines to index, your site’s load time versus its competitors, as well as trust metrics.


  • The only real “Con” I can see is the cost. Depending on the size and cashflow of your business, you may not be able to afford the product.  On the other side, it you compare it to the cost of paying for SEO services, it’s a great bargain.


UpCity’s SEO Software for Small Businesses is ideal for small businesses which lack the budget to hire SEO help, but have someone on staff with time to do SEO tasks.  It’s also intended for agencies who sell their own SEO services to local clients.


The UpCity process unfolds in five stages:

  1. Optimize Your Presence is comprised of thirteen separate courses and 145 separate tasks to establish and elevate both your website and social visibility. The focus here is on building a strong foundation for future growth, beginning with site-wide tasks and then progressing page by page.  You will likely find a few of the earlier tasks already done.
  2. Manage Your Reputation (7 tasks), focuses on encouraging positive comments, reviews, and testimonials, while also responding quickly, openly, and honestly to any complaints or requests for service.
  3. Become an Authority (55 tasks), encompasses social networking, blogging, and making best use of images and video. The goal is to become a great content marketer!
  4. Convert (8 tasks), helps you implement best practices for converting website traffic to revenue.
  5. Retain and Grow (10 tasks) focuses primarily on e-mail and social media strategies for retaining customers and expanding your customer base.


While using their free trial I was assigned a personal agent at UpCity.  We talked via phone five times and exchanged several emails.  Their agent was very helpful and not in the least condescending to a small business unable to step up to their premier services.


After the free trial, UpCity’s charges $50/mo or $500/yr for basic service using their online SEO software for one site and five keywords.  For SEO businesses and agencies, they also offer packages for optimizing 5, 12, and 40 sites, for many more keywords, and with many additional features.  And for those who prefer a full service solution, UpCity is more than happy to talk with you directly and provide a quote on their services.


UpCity’s SEO Software for Small Businesses is a quality product which is constantly being revised and improved.  I heartily endorse it for any individual or small business interested in learning to do their own search engine optimization.

Your friend,


8 thoughts on “UpCity – SEO for the Rest of Us

  1. Jacob Schilling

    Thanks for this informative review David. I have never heard of upcity. I am always looking to improve my SEO, and I love to learn about it as well. In truth, when it comes to affiliate marketing, you can never learn enough. I think that someday I will get involved with upcity, but for now, that price is pretty heavy, and I don’t think I could afford it. I will, however, be looking out for this product.

    1. Dana Hagstrom

      Thanks for your great comment, Jacob! Since you’re always looking to improve your SEO (as we all should be), here’s some free training for you to check out from one of our favorite trainers. http://DavidnDana.seomadman.co

  2. Maria

    Thank you for this very informative article on Upcity.

    I was thinking about it and wondering if it optimizes 5 keywords for $500 a year, is there a way to monetize and get a return on that easily within a year? In other words, can those 5 keywords be very high traffic keywords that can offer you some monetization in return?

    Good job on this review and sounds like a great program considering the prices of SEO companies are so high.


    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      That’s a great question, Maria! It seems to appeal primarily to websites which focus on a limited set of high traffic keywords, rather than blogs which often select new keywords for each article. And it’s much cheaper than hiring an SEO professional on staff. For a more basic and free approach, check out How to Make Money Online.

  3. TheDopestMatrix

    wow, looking over the service it actually seems kind of legit! This is surprising because looking as though EVERYBODY’s product seems to be scams these days, at least to bloggers… it’s nice to see a positive truth for once.

    Yes very spendy for sure, but at least it’s a legit company this time! Maybe someone would benefit, even though I’d still recommend WA over everything/

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      UpCity is a great company, no scam at all, totally white hat! So is Wealthy Affiliate! Compared to its competition, UpCity’s cost is quite reasonable. UpCity and Wealthy Affiliate provide different services, and either one could be very helpful depending on your needs.

  4. Trish

    Your site is very appealing and it’s great you suggest less risky ventures before going on the Affiliate Marketing. Also, like how you added pros and cons and screen shots for up city. Small business will definitely be attracted to this as all the hard work will be done for them

    1. admin

      Thanks for your encouraging words, Trish. UpCity provides a great service for small businesses, if you’re willing to invest some effort and learn to do the work yourself.

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