By | December 10, 2016

As long-term followers of this blog know, we don’t write only about retirement, but also how to make retirement possible by developing additional online income streams and/or finding ways to live well with less.  We’ve recently retired ourselves and moved to Mexico.  Yet, with social media and our websites, we stay in close contact with friends and colleagues around the world.  That part is great!

On the other hand, I have also found that the options for social media and connecting with new and old friends is overwhelming.  I’ve been a Facebook user for many years, but I’m beginning to realize there is a lot more to social media than Facebook.  Through my business with Rodan+Fields, I’ve learned that leveraging our brand on Instagram is probably the next biggest thing.  The folks in my demographic are using Instagram like never before.

My Breakthrough: Instagram Training!

I don’t want to be left behind, not being on top of the social media craze. Instagram Training So, I’ve been busy learning.  Last night, I took some training on Instagram.  April (the facilitator) gave us all kinds of great tools and resources to help maximize our effectiveness in working with Instagram.

Now, I’m excited to put my new learning to use.  I want to be relevant to my followers, and grow the number of followers I have so that the likelihood of turning them into LEADS and then CUSTOMERS will increase exponentially.  There is so much benefit to having your voice heard on several social media platforms.  Don’t limit yourself to just Facebook (like I have for way too long).  You are leaving money on the table by not expanding your realm of influence across the different platforms available.

Your Instagram Training Opportunity

Now, here’s the exciting part for you.  For a limited time, we have permission to offer this INSTAGRAM TRAINING to our readers FREE.  If you’re not currently using Instagram, don’t delay another minute.  Click the button below to take advantage of this FREE INSTAGRAM TRAINING available to you today.  With free training that can help you make money, you just can’t lose.

Get My Free Instagram Training Now

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