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Product:  Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates
Overall Ranking:  85/100
Price:  Absolutely Free
Owners:  Amazon


Amazon is the largest affiliate marketing program online.  Still, many ask if using Amazon Associates is worth the trouble due to their low commission rates.  As you will see, there are more factors to be considered.


  • Customers may buy multiple items at a time and, if they come to Amazon via your link, you get credit for all purchases.
  • Amazon has designed their product to be very simple to use and integrate with a variety of marketing platforms.
  • Amazon offers a variety of discounts and promotions.
  • Product images are easily available.
  • Amazon is a trusted brand; no one worries about Amazon being a scam.
  • Probably for that reason, Amazon has a higher conversion rate than average.
  • Amazon is known for excellent customer service.Amazon Smile
  • Very easy for users to search and find products.
  • Through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates .5% of purchases to the non-profit of your choice.
  • Amazon provides page links, widgets, banner ads, rotating banners, and even the opportunity to build your own aStore.
  • Amazon carries a wide variety of products; it’s the biggest department store in town!
  • Amazon provides excellent reporting with a wide variety of options for analysis, including multiple tracking codes.
  • Amazon has a good reputation for being above board and dependable in the business practices.


  • Commissions begin at 4%; however, they may increase up to 8.5% depending on what type of product and volume of sales.
  • In general, you will not be selling products which provide monthly recurring revenue.
  • It’s easy to get banned from Amazon by engaging in shady practices or not following the service agreement.
  • Amazon does not provide a platform specific step-by-step training program.


Anyone who would like to promote Amazon products via their website, e-mail marketing, pay per click advertising, or other online marketing methods.


Amazon offers copious documentation to answer your questions.  They provide articles on website development, choosing products to promote, and search engine marketing, as well as several tools to assist their associates.  However, they do not offer a specific training program.


Amazon has a great reputation for its support network.  They provide extensive and well-indexed information for their associates.  However, they do not provide direct chat, phone support, a search function for their help articles, or an e-mail address for questions.




Amazon Associates is a major player in the affiliate marketing business.  Certainly if you are reviewing any products offered on Amazon, it will be worth your while to consider using Amazon as part of your internet marketing strategy.  I personally recommend the Amazon Associate program, especially if it is used in conjunction with an excellent training and support network such as Wealthy Affiliate.  The following chart shows how well Wealthy Affiliate complements the Amazon program.



  1. Eric Chen

    Hello David and Dana,

    Amazon associate offers low commissions, but they are the master of up sells.

    I prefer to use Wealthy Affiliate because it will provide you the tool to succeed in multiple affiliate programs including Amazon.

    I use Amazon mainly because of the amount of products you can promote.

    Thanks for the great read,

  2. Jacob Schilling

    I love amazon associates. It is true that they do seemingly have quite a low payout for your commissions. However, it is also the most stress-free affiliate platform that I have found so far. Many platforms, in my opinion, do not offer you the huge variety of products like Amazon does. You can have success in almost any niche with Amazon.

  3. Jake Powell

    Hi, I have a similar website and I was just wondering about Amazon Associate programme.

    I would like to also write a review for it on my own website. I was just wondering what the affiliate commissions are like for writing the review about it?


  4. Matt T

    I’ve used the Amazon Associates affiliate program and I think it’s great due to the sheer number of products and services available to promote, but you’re correct, the commission rates are pretty low. Under 10% isn’t great compared to the 30%+ that can be found rather prominently with private affiliate programs. I think it’d be wise for internet marketers to utilize private affiliate programs (with higher commission rates on average) in addition to Amazon Associates.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Matt. I think you’re right on target about using Amazon in concert with other affiliate programs.

  5. Alan Roy Hocking

    Hi David

    I’ve been using Amazon Associates as an affiliate program for a long time now because I actually have several eBooks published on Kindle and I have to agree with you that although the 4% starting commissions can be a bit low and put a lot of people off, they actually can build up quite nicely each month when you are selling a lot of low priced items. (Like eBooks)

    I think as well the fact that Amazon is a household name and has such a high trust factor it is probably one of the easiest affiliate programs out there to get started with for anyone who is new to the industry.

    Alan 🙂

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for taking time to respond, Alan. I agree that the Amazon brand is valuable in itself and certainly a good place to get started. I’ve also been thinking about submitting one of my books to Kindle; with your encouragement, maybe I’ll get it done. ~ David

  6. Paul

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the info.

    I always thought that Amazon’s commissions were on the low side, buy as you point out they have such a strong brand that more of your traffic is likely to trust Amazon to get your goods to you quickly and for your payment details to be safe and secure.

    Also – if you’re selling $500 products, the 4% isn’t a bad return 🙂

    My account was dropped with Amazon after 90 days because I hadn’t made a conversion, but you can apply again straight away and it’s totally fine.

    Thanks for the article – and wealthy affiliate is definitely a good option for anyone wanting to start an internet based business. The training is top class and the networking potential is huge!

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Paul. As you mention, Amazon’s trust level is about as high as can be. I’m glad to hear you were able to get back with Amazon after being dropped. You may have noticed Angel’s question above to which I was unable to give a definitive reply. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Lynne

    Thanks for a great review of being an Amazon Affiliate. I have heard that if you don’t make sales within the first few months your account is closed and you will struggle to have it re-activated? Is this tue? If it is maybe add that info to your review 🙂
    I have been very interested in signing up to Amazon but I have only recently launched my website so I am working on getting content and of course visitors first.

    1. admin

      I have seen one such discussion thread, but find no mention of a sales requirement anywhere in the Amazon Associate marketing agreement. My understanding is that they only remove associates that violate the terms of the operating agreement.

  8. Jovo

    Hi, interesting article about Amazon associates. You rightly point out rather low commissions. But I am a bit surprised to see the comparison table which you give in he text, Wealthy Affiliate versus Amazon. In my view these two are pretty much incomparable as their activities are totally different, would you not agree with this?

    1. admin

      You certainly got me to reread my review as, indeed, their activities are quite different. Maybe you missed these key sentences, “I personally recommend the Amazon Associate program, especially if it is used in conjunction with an excellent training and support network such as Wealthy Affiliate. The following chart shows how well Wealthy Affiliate complements the Amazon program.”

  9. G.C.Horton

    You are spot on about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member too. I sell a few items on my websites through Amazon. I even have a novel, which I wrote, and sell primarily through Amazon. The commissions are modest, but when I recommend a book I usually link it to Amazon.

    1. admin

      Yes. While the commissions on Amazon are modest, the range of products is amazing; so, it’s easy to recommend products there.

  10. Shawn

    Hi David,

    I think that I’ve read just about everything on your site. I was interested in what you had to say, and how you presented it. Well, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s had concerns about retirement. I recently changed my job description, maintaining the same employer, but took a huge cut in pay due to lack of overtime. That also takes a great emotional tole on one’s family. I won’t mention the true loss of income because it’s a crazy amount of money. Looks like we come from different backgrounds, but our paths brought us to the same destination.

    It’s amazing that despite our differences, regardless of country, religion, or ethnicity, we’re all very similar at the core. We want the same essentials, and we crave safety and security. I’m not a philosophy major, but I am getting older. Some of us get enlightened as we get older…I hope. Long term plans are important.

    I’d have more to write but don’t want to overpower your site with my thoughts. Good luck on your site. Perhaps you’ll share your knowledge by private message at some point in time.

    Take care,


    1. David

      Hello Shawn! Glad to hear you found my site interesting. I think there are many of us of the baby boom generation who share that concern about now, not to mention a good number falling prey to cynicism and regarding retirement as a pipe-dream. I prefer to look for solutions. I look forward to sharing again. ~ David

  11. Angel

    Dear David,

    Thank you so much for this Blog Post Article. It is exactly what I was searching for since I knew nothing about the Amazon Affiliate Program. I do have a couple questions:

    1) If you are from UK, does that mean you have to have to be approved for being an Amazon Affiliate targeting only your UK audience only and not other parts of the world?

    2) Can Amazon kick you out of the Affiliate Program if you don’t make a single sale in 1 month’s time?

    3) Do you have to meet a certain minimum amount threshold to request payment?

    4) How does Amazon Affiliate Program compare with EBay Affiliate Program?

    Thanking you for your time/effort taken to answer my questions.

    Wishing you all the very best with your online accomplishments and futuristic endeavors above and beyond the horizon,


    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Angel.
      1) If, for example, you want to sell in China; you would have to join Amazon China and use their links. You would then get paid from their country in their currency. That would be true for each market you are targeting.
      2) I have heard associates say that their account was suspended after 90 days and after 6 months without sales, but I haven’t been able to find that stated in the operating agreement.
      3) Yes. That threshold is $10 for payment by direct deposit, $100 for payment by check (plus a processing fee for checks).
      4) I really can’t speak to the EBay program.
      I hope this information is helpful for you!

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