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As a network marketer, finding ways to get keyword ideas is a crucial part of your business.  Generating ideas is but the first step in a larger process.  To begin, keep an open mind; even the most obscure, nonsensical idea may morph into something great, the hidden gem of a keyword that will boost your post.  You then take these root keyword ideas and plug into the various keyword research tools you may be utilizing.  Using all of the data, you will follow a process of analysis and discernment to eventually select one or more keyword(s) to use in your post.

For now, let’s investigate the first step, how to generate keywords.  Eventually you will develop your own system, but to begin I suggest you try the following:


Go to Amazon website.  Don’t just look at products themselves, but focus on categories as well, paying particular attention to product descriptions.  Look for some great ideas in the words and phrases they use to market your product(s).  You might want to take a look at the “bestsellers” as well.

2. UBERSUGGEST.ORGUbersuggest for keyword ideas

This is a great website for brainstorming ideas.  It’s like having someone beside you spouting out ideas to you.  Simply take your idea and type it into the “Query” space and hit “suggest”.  Scroll down for your list.  You can use this to begin your discernment process.

3. GOOGLE INSTANTSuggestions from Google Instant

This is the list that you will see when you use Google as your search engine and begin typing an idea or category.  We’ve all seen the list of suggestions Google gives when you begin typing.  You may have noticed as well, that Google will often give you some really random phrases, but sometimes these can lead to helpful keyword ideas for your niche.

4. FORUMSCheck Forums for Keywords

Forums are groups of people talking about the same thing. To find one that might of help to you, simply type, “Skin care Forum”, where “skin care” is your topic.  Fill in the blank for your own idea followed by the word Forum, and see what comes up.  If you visit some of these forums, you should soon see some ideas that jump out at you to begin checking.


This is a place you can go to see what is trending now.  Perhaps you don’t even have a topic, and you can see what’s hot right now.  This is one great way how to find profitable keywords for your product as currently trending.  Click here to check out this option.


Jaaxy is a great keyword tool that works for both generating ideas and in the process of analyzing which keywords will work best for your site.  Why not try it out right here, right now?

Use it first to generate a list of possible keywords.  Then dig deeper into the information it provides regarding monthly searches for each keyword possibility, as well as the online competition.  See my full Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review.


One of the best free keyword discovery tools is the Keyword Tool available to all premium members of Wealthy Affiliate.  While not as fully featured as Jaaxy, it is still a powerful tool for doing keyword research.  Get a free membership to Wealthy Affiliate, and you can also try out the Keyword Tool and other premium features during your first seven days.

As you can imagine, these are only a few of the things you can do to jumpstart your keyword brainstorming session.  Don’t limit yourself in ways how to generate keywords.  Be creative and keep looking for new possibilities as you watch TV, go shopping, read the newspaper, go to the library and look at book titles, etc.  You are bound to see something that resonates with you.  You can also search other websites, such as eBay, or affiliate networks (e.g. Clickbank, Linkshare).  And don’t forget to check out your competition’s websites, and see what they are using.

You don’t have to feel alone and stuck as you think about the perfect keyword.  There are all sorts of tools you can utilize to kickstart the process.  You are bound to find the best keyword tool for you, and these are only a few places to start. The important thing is not to limit yourself.  Try several of these ideas to find which techniques work best for you in your niche.



  1. Tanaquillo

    Some great ideas here for keyword research. I love the forum idea – I haven’t used that one before. Is there a way to look at what is trending on social media too? I’m not sure if there is a tool for that, but I’m sure you could get plenty of ideas from that information.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      I’m glad you found the keyword research ideas helpful. Yes, there are easy ways to learn what is trending on social media — sites like Twitter, BuzzFeed, GoogleTrends, Reddit, HootSuite, Google+ (What’s Hot), and more. That’s another place to look for keywords.

  2. tatihden

    This post was very informative to me. I am new at affiliate marketing and have been having trouble finding great keywords. With this information, especially the one about forums, I believe I can make my post captivate more traffic. Ubersuggest also sounds great . I’ll trying are your ideas right away. Thanks for the great tip!

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      I’m glad to hear you’re finding it helpful. It takes time to gain trust from the search engines and build website traffic, but finding great keywords is a big step in the right direction. Check out this article as well; it contains some additional keyword tips.

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