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When I first considered affiliate marketing, I wondered how to find products to sell online.  I have discovered there are more opportunities than I could have imagined.

What Is Your Passion?

Are you wondering what to sell online?  Rather than looking for a product to sell, Nintendo 64I suggest you begin with what you enjoy.  If you have a passion or a hobby, that may well suggest for you some things to sell online.  For example, if you are a gamer, you could sell PC games online.  An artist might sell paintings online.  A coin collector might sell coins online.  You could sell CDs online, sell DVDs online, or sell clothes online.

It’s often helpful to limit your scope even further, focusing on a particular market niche.  For example, instead of selling ‘clothes,’ you might focus on baby clothes, women’s shoes, or men’s athletic clothing.

Basic Types of Online Marketing

Next, let’s consider a few basic options.

  • You might sell a digital product (such as software, courses, or e-books) which may be delivered immediately online.
  • You might sell a physical product, something that needs to be shipped. If you sell a physical product, you might carry an inventory (either producing the product yourself or purchasing in bulk) and ship products yourself.
  • Or, you may choose to work with a wholesaler willing to dropship for you. That is, you essentially buy the product from them as orders come in, but direct the wholesaler to dropship the order direct to your customer.  For either of the above, you set your own price and profit margin based on your costs and perhaps your contract with the wholesaler.
  • Another option is to work on a commission basis as an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, you direct customers to an order page from which they place their order, and a unique tracking code is used to credit the appropriate commission to your account.

Finding Affiliate Programs

My focus now will be finding affiliate programs which fit your marketing niche.  Affiliate programs are available for both digital products and physical products.  The easiest way to find them is to search online.

Step 1) Make a list of possible products to sell based on your hobby or passion.  For example, if your interest is nutrition, perhaps you would list: nutritional supplements, cookbooks, cooking classes, whey protein, organic produce, and whole grains.

Step 2) Search on terms such as “affiliate program nutritional supplements,” combining each of your prospective products with the term “affiliate program.”  Keep a list of the programs you discover, the products they offer, the commission you could earn, etc.

Step 3) Evaluate the options you find, considering which offer the best products, have the best reviews, offer the best support, and/or pay the best commission for your efforts.

Once you have found the product(s) you wish to sell online, you will need to set up a website, develop traffic to your site, create a relationship with prospective customers, close sales, deliver products, and provide support just as you would marketing offline.  However, by finding the products you wish to sell online, you’ve already accomplished your first major step.

Please share your questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. JammySammy

    Hey David, I have always had a passion in meditation, However I feel that there are limited products to sell. I think I could sell a few yoga mats and meditational audio tapes or books, but I dont know where I would go after that…

    It seems like maybe I would need to choose another niche, what do you think?

    Thanks for any advice you may have, I appreciate your ideas 🙂

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      I like the way you are thinking through it. You have a passion you’d like to write about; now you want to know if that niche could be profitable for you. I did a quick search. There are lots of meditation programs and products out there. They may or may not be products or programs you’d like to represent. If you decide the market is too limited or too scammy or whatever … then check out another niche. I wish you well!

  2. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hi David, I agree with your points.I am fan of affiliate businesses , as I am able to sell anything through my website.

    I believe it’s the best starting point for beginners as there are no special skills required.A passion for writing and a willing to help people are enough.

    Trading physical products is a lucrative option in the long run , but it hides many risks , especially when you start and finding decent suppliers is a hard task.

    Are you using any affiliate networks to find products or any affiliate product search engines?

    All my best , keep on blogging.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Affiliate marketing may be a good place to begin, but beginners really need some solid training, as well as a supportive network that can answer their questions and provide some guidance along the way. I was fortunate to find an excellent network called Wealthy Affiliate.

      As to your question: I have found all my products through the standard search engines and joined affiliate networks only as necessary to represent the products of my choosing.

  3. Cathy

    Hi David,

    Of the four types of online marketing, I think affiliate marketing is the best to start out with because it has a low start-up cost and has the least legal restrictions. Others require some work with product creation as well as product sourcing so those can really take up a lot of your time.

    With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is to concentrate in driving online traffic to your site so you really want to be promoting products that offer good values and services to build a long term recurring income.

    There are lots of affiliate programs out there if you know how to use Google Search and some affiliate networks.

    1. David

      Exactly! Thank you, Cathy. I wish I had said it that clearly myself.

  4. Jason

    When I first started in online marketing….well, I really didn’t know where to start.

    I wish I would have seen your blog when I had first started it out. It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

    If I was a beginner, didn’t even know where to start, what would you recommend I do?

    1. David

      Well, I began with some mistakes myself. My advice to avoid them would be to set up a free account at Wealthy Affiliates and learn from some folks with experience. For a bit more insight into that site, read my full review of Wealthy Affiliates.

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