JAAXY Keyword Tool Review

By | February 23, 2016

Product:   JaaxyJaxxy Keyword Research Tool
Overall Ranking:   90/100
Price:    Free trial; Pro for $19/mo or $199/yr; Enterprise for $49/mo or $499/yr.
Owners:   Carson Lim & Kyle Loudoun of Victoria British Columbia, Canada
Website:   http://jaaxy.com


Keyword research is critical to developing and maximizing organic traffic to your website.  Keyword tools are a staple in online marketing, and Jaaxy is one of the best, simple keyword tools I have encountered.  At the outset, you are looking for a product that helps you measure (1) how much search traffic a keyword gets and (2) how much competition the keyword has.  Jaaxy satisfies those criteria and more.  In addition to comprehensive keyword research, Jaaxy can help with niche research, domain flipping, and competition metrics.  The Jaaxy keyword tool is a very versatile and valuable tool to have for your online business.


Good stuff

  • Jaaxy is keeping up with the changes in the industry and is not outdated like many keyword tool products.
  • Jaaxy utilizes data from all search engines, not just Google.
  • It’s efficient – you don’t wait for minutes or hours for results.
  • Each search provides available domains – this is a benefit because Google ranks domains that have the keyword in them very high.
  • Many different functions available, including brainstorming (niche finding) functions, finding affiliates, analysis of competition.Various functions of Jaxxy Free listed on navigation bar
  • Web based so you can access from anywhere that you have Internet (including your phone).

Not so good stuff

  • It’s a bit pricey to get the bells and whistles if you don’t already have income coming in from your website(s).
  • It’s simplicity is great, but some contend that Jaaxy falls short on analyzing the quality of your competition.


Jaaxy is a quick, easy to use tool, perfect for website designers, SEO professionals, or folks that are interested in making money on the internet.  If you have been frustrated in the past with trying to figure things out manually, or with using keyword tools that give you a lot of useless information to sift through, then Jaaxy is for you.


As you quickly learn when marketing on the internet, finding a good niche is key.  Most people worry that the niche they pick will either have too much competition or not be sought after at all.  This fear is in part due to lack of keyword knowledge and how “key” optimizing keywords can be for your success.

As I’ve said, Jaaxy doesn’t give you a lot of information you don’t need.  Data for each search is broken down into several columns – “Monthly Searches”, “Estimated Traffic” and “QSR” (quoted search results—your EXACT competition).  Here’s a screenshot of part of a sample search …Keyword Research Tool

  • Avg – This is actual traffic numbers, that is, how many searches are done on this keyword each month.
  • Traffic – This is an estimate of how many visitors per month you might receive if you were to rank on page one of Google searches for this keyword.
  • QSR – This is your competition, the number of websites competing for this exact keyword (what you get searching for the keyword in “quotes”).  As a rule of thumb, you want to aim for keywords under 300 in this column, meaning you have less than 300 competing pages in Google
  • KQI – stands for Keyword Quality Index – you can quickly scan your list.  KQI is based on traffic, competition, and estimated ranking – look for the green!

Of course, the best test of any tool is hands on.  So, why not try a free search right here, right now?


There is a tab on the Jaaxy navigation bar for “training.”  Jaaxy also has a great on-line blog that posts all sort of helpful tips.    So if you purchase Jaaxy and ask yourself, “now what?”, you have places to go.  In addition, if you have questions, there is a CONTACT tab on the home page, and they promise to respond within 24 hours.


There are options for any budget: Jaaxy – free version – it’s limited to 30 searches, but will give you a good idea of what to expect; Jaaxy Pro starts at $19.00 per month ($199/year); Jaaxy Enterprise is $49.00 per month ($499/year).  Here’s a comparison of what you get.Jaxxy Free, Jaxxy Pro, & Jaxxy Enterprise


The Jaaxy keyword tool is very user friendly, provides they key data you need in a clear format, and can benefit any small business entrepreneur in maximizing their web traffic.  Depending on the depth you want in your keyword research, its catch phrase – “the only research platform you need” – may be debatable.  But you certainly can’t beat a free trial; so, sign up for Jaaxy today and get your first 30 searches for free!


10 thoughts on “JAAXY Keyword Tool Review

  1. Matt T

    It can seem expensive to have to purchase a keyword tool as a beginner in internet marketing, but the return on investment that can be achieved by targeting high traffic, low competition keywords can certainly be well worth it. There are some free methods to finding keywords, but Jaaxy is one of the best out there as far as I know. Do you know of any other keyword tools that compare?

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Especially for the beginner, it’s great to start out with the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool –free to all WA members. Jaaxy is then a great step up when you are ready!

  2. Rob

    Hi David, this is an excellent review of Jaaxy. It is one of the best keyword research tools out there, even if a bit pricey. As a Jaaxy Enterprise subscriber for a number of years now, I still haven’t found another keyword tool that does the job better, so have been more than happy continuing with it.

    I suppose it’s a bit like getting familiar with something, then not being able to change away from it. Why switch if it ‘aint broke? It’s a great tool for those who haven’t used it.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thank you, Rob! It is a great tool, and I appreciate your testimony as one who has used it for several years!

  3. Rob

    Thanks for the information David,
    I will absolutely use the Jaaxy to improve my business

  4. Justine

    Hi David, I am a Jaaxy fan too, you have outlined the features in your review beautifully. I couldn’t work without it now, it has been a blessing for me. It is so easy to use and worth every cent you pay for it. Thanks to using this keyword tool I have already covered my yearly costs.
    Thanks again David

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks, Justine! It’s great to hear from another satisfied Jaaxy user. I’m delighted to hear of your experience discovering great keywords and that you have already covered you annual cost for the product; from now on it’s all profit!

  5. Riaz Shah

    Hey David,
    This is an excellent review of Jaaxy you’ve put up. I’ve never found a better keyword tool such as this. Other keyword tools such as Samurai or Keywordtoolio charge an arm an a leg which is not worth it for newbies like me.

    I don’t want to make a huge dent in my wallet when I’m just only starting, can’t wait to give Jaaxy a try. Wish me luck!

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks, Riaz. It is hard to sort through the maze of tools available, That’s why it’s so great that Jaaxy gives you a free trial to determine if it’s what you really need. I wish you all the best.

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