Benchmark AutoResponder Fills An Essential Niche

By | February 24, 2016

Product:         Benchmark Email
Overall Ranking:  95/100
Price:              Free up to 2,000 list size and/or 14,000 sends/month
Owners:         Benchmark Internet Group


I have read a lot of AutoResponder reviews of late and, at least for now, have decided that Benchmark Email best fits my own needs at this stage.   That does not necessarily mean it’s the best email autoresponder on the market or the best for your purposes.  But why not begin with a free e-mail autoresponder?  Read on, and I’ll explain my own rationale.

For some time, I had been paying a monthly fee for an AutoResponder, but was not receiving sufficient income to cover that expense.  I’m not averse to paying for such a service.  I simply needed time to build my list to the point where it makes sense to pay.


  • Service is free until you reach a certain volume or list size, rather than just for 30 days.
  • Dashboard makes it easy to find all essential functions.Benchmark AutoResponder Dashboard
  • Service is a full package, including mail lists, subscription forms, full automation, RSS based emails, time or date triggered series of emails, and broadcast emails. (Other free or basic packages omit key services.)
  • Free service also includes surveys, polls, list segmenting, tracking, and reports.
  • Editor includes a wide variety of templates and color schemes.
  • Service can grow with you as your list expands.
  • Paid plans include unlimited sends and many price points, so you don’t have to make huge jumps in pricing as your list expands.


  • The free service does not include full A/B testing, though it does include A/B testing for Subject Lines. (Then again, some experts suggest waiting with A/B testing till your list reaches 10K.)
  • Drag and drop editor has some limitations in formatting forms. However, you can access raw HTML and edit them if you have that skill set.
  • Does not appear to allow turning off double opt-in.
  • Their terms of service specifically exclude “work from home” websites without giving an explicit definition of what that means. (I’ve encountered a couple website owners who were bumped off the service for this reason.


An AutoResponder is an essential tool for email marketing today.  Pricing plans on the Benchmark website go up to a list size of 100K; so they are not just for those at an entry level.  What I appreciate, however, is that they are open to serving those who are just beginning to build their lists.


Benchmark supplies a page with simple, clear instructions for the beginner, such as the screenshot below.Benchmark AutoResponder - Getting Started

For those ready to dig in deeper, they provide a library of over 40 video tutorials, plus an extensive knowledge base of FAQs and articles.


Service and support is free and available 24/7 by call, chat, or e-mail.  By contrast, most free or inexpensive services are severely lacking in support.


Free up to email list size of 2,000 and/or 14,000 sends per month.  Paid plans with unlimited sends begin at $11.95/month for a list size of up to 600.


Benchmark Email fills a vitally important niche in the AutoResponder market.  I encourage you to check out their service today.

Please feel free to add your own experiences, comments, and questions below.

~ David


6 thoughts on “Benchmark AutoResponder Fills An Essential Niche

  1. Todd

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the review on Benchmark autoresponder, I found it very helpful and Benchmark seems like a pretty reasonable service.

    I’m paying $19/mo for Aweber, and I think for just starting out building your email list, this product would make more sense when starting out.

    Plus for less than $12/mo, it’s got Aweber beat. I might just have to switch based on the Pros and Cons of your review.


    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Hey Todd! AWeber is a great service. However, my own issue was much like yours. When you’re just starting out, a free service makes a lot more sense; and I’ve been very satisfied with Benchmark’s product. ~ David

    2. Wayne

      I’m definitely considering using them, as I’m just starting out with no list. The list size limit of 2000 and/or 14,000 messages per month is SUPER for me. I’d been searching for an offer like this for quite a while. Their video tutorials are very informative too.

  2. Joel

    Hi David,

    This sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for. I just can’t afford to pay for a service while I’m not making money.

    Don’t get me wrong I do like aweber and get response but if I only have 20 people in my list why would I pay $19 a month?

    Benchmark Email sounds really good to me and I’d like to thank you for pointing me in the right direction David

    Kind regards

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks, Joel. Not long ago, I was paying that $19/month with no income to cover it. I kept researching autoresponders until a fellow marketer suggested Benchmark Email. That’s what I’m using now, and I’m glad I could be of help to you. If you’d like to see comparisons with a few other autoresponders I’ve used or researched, check out AutoResponders: An Introduction.

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