Hey!  My name is David.  Like many others, I have had financial setbacks in my life that caused a real crisis in terms of retirement income.  Between starting over after a divorce and a job relocation that caused a $35,000 loss in an upside down mortgage following the housing bubble explosion, I found myself wondering if I could ever retire.  Years later, my wife Dana and I are now embarking on a life of retirement and continue to explore what that looks like together.

How about you?  Does retirement seem like a pipedream?  Or maybe you’d just like to do it earlier than your accountant suggests?  DavidH

I have found some great ways to create a new income stream to be ready for retirement.  I’d love to share my knowledge with you.  Let me be your personal trainer, so to speak, to help you succeed with building a new income stream for your retirement.

I was a pastor in my “day-job” prior to retirement.  As such, I had many opportunities to help people and be involved in their lives.  I think this mindset and drive carries over into my internet presence as well.  I want you to know I’m here for you.  I want to help you.  If you are interested, please leave me a comment or question below, or you can also reach me at my WealthyAffiliate.com hangout (Here’s a link to my personal profile). Or email me directly at David@wishtoretire.com.

My wife, Dana, also joins me in this pursuit on-line. She is one of the blog writers and helps encourage me to be more effective.  She was a paralegal in her day-job, so we both come from a background of helping people.  She has helped me in launching our brand for entrepreneuers as we help other online marketers on their pathway to profit. 

We are both set on bringing you value because we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share (as do you) and we want to help you shine your light as well in this world.

We retired abroad in Jalisco, Mexico in 2016, and we are enjoying making new friends, learning the language, and appreciating the beauty of our new home.  Let us know how we can help you make your retirement dreams come true!

Your friends, David & Dana


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  1. Daisy

    HI. Thank you for the Twitter follow. Just wanted to drop by and check your site. I do hope to eventually retire at a young age when I can still enjoy being retired. Haha. I am looking forward to learning more from you guys. Take care.


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