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If you’re about to retire and are wondering how to stay busy during retirement, keep reading and we’ll give you some great ideas to put on your calendar.  You may have already heard from your retired friends that they don’t know how they ever had time to work!  You’ll soon find that your days are full.  (On the other hand, if your concern is how to make money for retirement, you might learn how to build new income streams online.)


If you are lucky enough to have your spouse or significant other in your life when you retire, then this new found freedom will give you the perfect opportunity to spark up your love life.  Who says Time for Travelromance is just for the young!  Be young at heart.  Plan a fun time each week to do something together.  Maybe it’s a picnic in the park, or a day trip to a nearby town for a shopping (or looking) spree, or perhaps you go to a movie.  Check out Pinterest for “date night” ideas.  There are lots of creative things you can do to, don’t limit yourself.

Stay Healthy

It probably goes without saying but another way to stay busy during retirement is to learn how to stay healthy and take care of yourself.  As our bodies age, medical issues can creep up on us, and trips to the doctor may seem to multiply.  Sometimes coordinating these visits can be a full time job, but don’t let that scare you.  It is all part of the aging process and doctors wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for us retirees!


When is the last time you volunteered for something without any guilt?  When you were working, the excuse, “I’m too busy”,  rolled easily off your tongue when asked to help with a fundraiser, or be a Sunday school teacher, or plan a block party.  Now that you are looking for ways to stay busy during retirement, that old excuse has now become an incentive.  Look around you for the need.  Where would your gifts and abilities be able to help others?  Check out your local church, school, hospital, or senior living center.  You will reap great benefits from helping in some way.


Another way to stay busy during retirement is to relax, to finally relax.  Be sure to set aside time every day for “Me Time”.  Too often in our frantic, working lives, we fail to set aside the quiet time for reflection, prayer or other meditative practices.  When is the last time you sat down without something else crowding your head and just “rested”.  Even in retirement, find an intentional time each day for your quiet time. If nothing else, it will be good for your body to have a time of refreshment.


Along with the refreshment of relaxation is exercise.  Whatever you do, don’t retire from exercising.  Keeping our bodies moving will keep our bodies moving!  Whether it be taking a walk around the mall (I know that is pretty stereotypical isn’t it?) or riding a bike (stationary or otherwise), or doing stretching and/or yoga for seniors, the idea is to keep that oxygen flowing through your blood stream in a healthy way.


What about travel?  You now have all the time in the world to plan trips to see family, the distant cousins or old friends that you have always “meant” to visit.  Plan a trip.  Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of going somewhere.  Book the trip.  Having something to look forward is a good thing.

There are many ways to answer the question “How to Stay Busy During Retirement”.  Perhaps this article has spoken to you and given you some great ideas to work with!  Enjoy retirement, you’ve worked too hard not to!

What are your plans to stay active during retirement?  Please share them below.



  1. Joe

    I retired at 62, been retired four years and now I’m starting to hit the boredom phase. I should not be in an funk, I have plenty of potential things to do, I just can’t seem to make myself get moving. My retirement expectations may have been a little high. I had a fulfilling career, but I was ready to retire. I could go back to work I guess, I don’t need the money, but I need something. My health is good, still strong, I could do many things but feel like doing nothing. I need to finish strong. Any ideas?

  2. Kerry

    Hi David, a very good subject, so many people get lost when they retire. I love the date night ideas, how cool 🙂 your page is well set out and easy to read with good content. I especially like the Free Retirement Guide, this will enable you to keep people informed of things that you are covering on your website. All the best, Kerry

    1. David Hagstrom

      Hi Kerry! Glad to hear you found some helpful ideas! Yes, the Retirement Guide is designed to help folks think think through the issues ahead of time and be prepared for retirement.

  3. Neil

    I think many people look forward to retirement, but once they are there, I guess life can seem a little boring if they’re not occupying themselves on a daily basis!

    You have listed some fantastic ideas here for retirees, and I do happen to know a retired guy who spends a lot of time “putting himself out” to collect money for charities. I take my hat off to this Amazing man! 😀

    When I retire, I will make sure I travel to as many places as possible to make the most of my life on this earth!

    Thank You!

    1. David Hagstrom

      Thanks, Neil. The ideas you mention are great, travel and collecting money for charities. Our most recent post is dedicated to questions to help frame our retirement planning. The purpose is simply to make the next phase of life as fulfilling as possible and maybe, like your friend, we can also help make this world a better place for everyone!

  4. Shivaram

    I read your article and I am quite inspired with it. The points that you mentioned are very valuable and it is something that I will keep in mind when I retire. Currently, I am 36 years old and I have a long way to get there – but this article is quite useful to read.

    1. David

      You may well have some time before you get there, but it goes faster than you expect. For you, this is an excellent time to plan out your finances for retirement so that the resources are there when you need them. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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