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In an attempt to keep everyone safe and/or informed, let me start with a question: Do you have a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet, and/or a desktop computer?  If you have one or more of this list, you really need to read this article to make sure you are protected.  Why?  Did you know that all these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful to the human body?Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation

If you’re like me, every day you spend more and more time using your tablet, your mobile phone, or your laptop computer.  We even still have a desk top computer connected to my husband’s music studio equipment.  We are a society of sharing information, whether it be by phone call, social media, text or email.

We find ways to network and connect with loved ones, friends, business partners and even acquaintances using these different modes of communication, all amidst our busy lives.  That’s why the convenience of cell phone and computer networking is so important. We have to be able to fit just one more thing in our day.

How are these devices are harmful? 

Yes, there are regulations which limit the amount of electro-magnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices.  The legally defined SAR, or specific absorption rate, protects us against high frequency radiation.  To put it quite unscientifically, we can be confident that holding a cell phone by our ear won’t cook us.

However, messages within the human body are carried by low frequency waves (0-30 Hz).  The electromagnetic field produced by cell phones interferes with this communication, causing stress at the cellular level.  The greatest stress is close to the source.  So, if we are using the phone by our ear, we are affecting the brain or head.EMR Penetration: Children vs Adults

While research may not yet show direct cause and effect, known or suspected effects of electro-smog include headache/migraine, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dry/burning eyes, weakening of the immune system, skin irritations, and more.

Children are especially at risk, and our babies are at risk, too.  In addition to the devices earlier on mentioned, baby monitors as well as other plug-in devices can be emitting this radiation as well.  Do you have children or grandchildren who are unknowingly at risk?

What does Radiation or E-Smog do?

These electromagnetic field gradients, previously referred to, irritate the magnetite crystals inside the human brain sending a signal to the pineal gland.  A stress response results, and due to the modified melatonin we have a weakened immune system and damaged DNA.   It is also likely that our stress level will rise.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound good.  (There are a plethora of studies available on the effects of electromagnetic fields, but one of the best introductions is this lecture given by Dr. Devra Davis at a  December 2015 symposium at the University of Melbourne.)

How Do I Protect Myself and My Loved Ones?

Let me introduce you to the solution.  BioZen.  It’s a new technology, actually, the only technology in the world that expands this protection to low frequencies, protecting us at the biological level.  (Other e-smog limiters you may have heard of focus on high frequency radiation and further reduce the SAR level.)

BioZen looks like a small sticker.  It’s outer layers are plastic, but inside is a high tech circuit chip which positively changes the frequency of fields around you.  BioZen acts like an antenna wave shield and levels out the gradients.  The brain is no longer irritated, and all functions return to normal, building up the DNA shield again.

Does Using My Phone Really Hurt Me?Stressed vs Calm with BioZen

Active calls create a low-frequency electromagnetic field.  To make it visual, consider this illustration in which red represents irritation and stress, whereas blue is calm and smooth.

One method of measuring the results of mobile telephone use is called blood count examination.  The images here show blood samples after 10 minutes of cell phone use with and without the protection of BioZen.

Almost Normal Blood with BioZen

Almost Normal Blood with BioZen

Abnormal Blood Samples without BioZen

Abnormal Blood Samples without BioZen

Many scientists and  organizations are calling for protection against low frequency radiation.  To begin, I might cite the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal submitted to the U.N. and signed by 224 scientists from 41 countries.  And below are two visual examples from organizations working for EMR safety:

EMR and Pregnancy EMR and Breast Cancer

Scientifically Verified Facts

  • BioZen levels out theBureau Veritas Certified peaks of magnetic fields
  • BioZen prevents changes in one’s blood profile
  • BioZen lowers the body’s stress levels
  • BioZen is certified by Bureau Veritas

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Today!

BioZen is only available from an independent representative.  This is your lucky day because if you click HERE, you will be directed to a location to give you access to more information about BioZen.

So, there are so many things coming at us every day, and we are connected to our family, neighbors, coworkers and other friends.  How are these connections “invisibly” affecting us?  Maybe that is why I feel so stressed all the time, even when things are going well.  If I’m being affected, what about my children and grandchildren?  That is scary indeed.  You can protect yourself with Biozen.  Don’t delay and click the button for yours today.

Get My BioZen Now!

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As always, please share your comments and questions below, and we will reply as soon as we can.

Your friends,

David & Dana


2 thoughts on “E-SMOG: ARE YOU PROTECTED?

  1. Merrell

    Hi David,

    I had no idea about electrosmog from multiple devices can cause biological changes and stress levels to increase in me. In fact I even sleep with few of those devices right near to me!

    Two queries I had is whether Biozen has to be placed on the device itself for it to decrease the electromagnetic frequency? If I live in an apartment complex and have tons of routers and devices from neighbors around me, would it still help with such devices like Biozen?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dana Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for the comment and inquiry, Merrell. The BioZen would need to be placed directly on your device(s). It is our understanding that the proximity of such devices to you is what is important, so a neighbors’ router or other device should be far enough away to be problematic.

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