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Are you looking for the perfect product or service to market?  I know exactly how you feel. My wife and I have been internet marketers for nearly two years, and throughout that time we have been on the prowl for just the right product and niche.  We both agreed that we wanted a product that would (1) help people and (2) be positioned to go viral.  You can imagine our delight when we were talking with some trusted colleagues and learned of the HELO.  We quickly jumped on board!

What is a HELO?HELO: Health & Lifestyle Oracle

HELO (which stands for Health & Lifestyle Oracle) is not a common fitness wristband, but the next generation in wearable healthcare technology.  With HELO on duty 24/7, real-time health monitoring and disease prediction are now within reach. HELO monitors your vitals and provides you with data that can be used to improve your health and lifestyle choices, leading to better health and physical condition.

Unlike other wristbands, HELO is not limited to monitoring and reporting fitness data.  HELO continually records blood pressure and provides an electro cardiogram (ECG), as well as monitoring emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise calories expended, and heart rate.

What is HELO?  Take a look for yourself in this 2 minute overview …

What can the HELO do?

The continuous monitoring of HELO and results therefrom can be for you a best friend who knows all your medical secrets.  You can choose to share this data with up to three other individuals, including your doctor.  Doctors will find this product to be revolutionary in efficient patient care.

Safety & Security for loved onesSOS Request with Location

HELO can be a life-saving companion if you are in trouble. With the Panic Button you can automatically call your loved ones to signal you have a problem, sending also automatically your GPS position.  Parents will find peace of mind knowing their children can call for help in dangerous situations.  And, for us with aging parents, we can set and track the vitals and major health parameters of our loved ones and be warned if some value is not in the correct range.

Benefits of the HELO

  • Improved health
  • Better sleep
  • Safety & Security for yourself and loved ones
  • Medical monitoring
  • Cutting edge technology for increased accuracy

Other HELO attributes:

  • GREAT MEMORY: HELO doesn’t forget anything about your health. Even if you are at home, resting and relaxing, HELO monitors and reports all the info about your body status.
  • NEUTRALIZES POSITIVE IONS: We know our modern lifestyle puts us in contact with more positive ions than ever before – generated by smartphones, computers, electronic devices, UV rays, and more.  An excess of positive ions in the body causes muscle stiffening, decreases the metabolic cycle, accelerates aging, making us more susceptible to diseases.
  • STONES & SALT: The Hypo-Allergenic Silicon band of HELO hosts some Titanium plates with Pure Germanium stones at 99.999% and Himalayan Salt. The use of these minerals have proven effects on the body of the people, as documented by research. They create a “positive gap” when a negative ion replaces a positive one, removing the excess positive ions. This helps the body to maintain its balance, relaxing muscles and reducing panic. The stones emits a high percentage of infrared rays at microwaves (Far Infrared Rays). These waves activate the water molecules, improving blood circulation up to 300%, by improving the level of oxygen present in it, leading to a better quality of sleep.
  • SYNCHS TO YOUR SMARTPHONE: Thanks to the app installed on your smartphone, you can monitor the effects of these minerals and your progress in health, experiencing better quality of sleep, more relaxing, high percentage of blood oxygenation and to benefits of thousands of tips about your lifestyle, mood and behaviors, to catch the maximum from the unbeatable combination of the most modern technology with the documented effects of Germanium and Himalayan Salt.

Yet to come!

During a session of the their Convention in Dubai (January 2017),HELO LX WOR(l)D officially announced an upgraded product, the HELO LX.  The HELO LX introduces technological upgrades such as new materials, a sensor sampling frequency of 125 Hz (instead of 35 Hz), an optimized ECG plate, and a magnetic charger.  At the same time, HELO LX introduces a refined and elegant design, accompanied by stylish, exchangeable colored wrist bands.

Plus, in the 4th Quarter of 2017, an automatic software upgrade will introduce monitoring of blood oxygen, blood alcohol, and blood glucose.  Imagine! Diabetics no longer having to prick their fingers multiple times per day!  Or knowing to call a taxi because your blood alcohol level is a bit higher than you thought!  Plus, a mosquito shield — protection against malaria, dengue fever, and many other diseases!

Pre-orders for the HELO LX began today (January 24, 2017), and WOR(l)D is projecting 2017 sales in excess of 1 Million units.

HELO's Cutting Edge Functions

History of the HELO

What’s so exciting is the possibility of being on the ground floor of something so amazing!  It was during the StayConnected Tour 2016 in Dubai, that Fabio Galdi, CEO of WOR(l)D GN, and his team first presented the new product of WOR(l)D Wear division: HELO, the first Health and Lifestyle Oracle.World-Toshiba Partnership

This product was designed by Antonio De Rosa, SVP Marketing and Communication, and engineered by Alfonso Cioffi, SVP Product Development; this new WOR(l)D product is really a category creator.

To produce the HELO, WOR(l)D partnered with Toshiba to for the processor.  Toshiba revealed this product at the CES technology showcase earlier in January.  The buzz is spectacular as you can imagine!

The Market

Take a look at this chart to see how Forbes views the Wearable Technology market!

Forbes - Wearable Technology

The Opportunity

Isn’t this exciting? Are you ready to join me in changing the world with HELO?  We are truly on the ground floor of something exciting.  I love that technology is pairing with health care to improve the standard of living for so many!  And the business model works perfect as a home based business.

Gather your questions and ask away in the comments below.  Better yet, for those who can see the big picture and realize the potential, learn how you can take advantage of the future in wearable technology to build a sustainable lifetime residual income for retirement.

You could also begin the journey along with us right now or pre-order this revolutionary product for you and your family by choosing the option below:

Order My Helo(s) Now!


About WOR(l)D GN

WOR(l)D, also referred to as World GN, is a global multi-million dollar company that offers services in telecommunications, renewable energy, technology, and mobile Telecommunication.

World GN is listed on the American Stock Exchange NASDAQ, does business in over 195 countries, and has major offices in the United States (Miami), United Kingdom (London), Russia (Moscow), India (Bangaluru), Ireland (Dublin), China (Shenzhen), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Hanoi), Columbia (Bogota), Tunisia (Tunis), and Paraguay (Ciudad del Este). Portions of this article are drawn from WOR(l)D Global Network press releases.



  1. Andrew Wong

    Hi Dana,

    Are there any recent reviews of this product?
    It looks like it might be a great product for everyone. Will it require pairing with a smartphone that is always by its side?

    Tell me more about the business opportunity as well.


    1. Dana Hagstrom Post author

      Hi Andrew! Great questions. It is a great product and a great opportunity. It does require a smartphone to be within bluetooth range for communicating data. The device will collect data even when not within range. I’ll email you more information on the biz opp.

  2. Mark

    This is a great site and a great product I think would be beneficial to market.I am always looking for somehthing new to hit the market.
    What kind of niche would this be though. It is an amazing product and I never even considered this type of product was available.

    I really am interested in marketing this do you have more info. Like the affiliate information and others like it.
    Thanks for all of the information and ideas.


    1. Dana Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks Mark! We agree this product is very beneficial. The niche is multi-faceted, next generation wearable health care technology, and our business is growing in leaps and bounds. We’ll look forward to answering more of your questions. –David & Dana

  3. Stisse

    Wow Dana this is really amazing! Technology amazes me every day and this is truly a life saver. I instantly got the feeling I want to buy one each for my parents and I want one too. I just have to save some money first lol.

    I believe in a great future for the Helo and will look into the business opportunity as well.

    Thanks for making me aware of this remarkable device!
    Best wishes,

    1. Dana Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks, Stina! I love your enthusiasm and kind words. I totally agree with you on this though, the technology is amazing, and being able to market this and be on the ground floor has been a huge blessing for us! –Dana

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