By | April 12, 2017

How do you answer this question:  Do you want to retire sooner rather than later?”

For me, you and the other readers and subscribers to this website, this answer may be different, or it may be exactly the same.  How about it?  Was your answer “YES”!  Absolutely yes!

Unless you are totally married to your job, or your career is what you’ve always known and can’t imagine a life without it, then you quite probably answered, “YES”, like I did.  This is not to say that I didn’t like my day job, and that I don’t miss the co-workers I saw every day, and spent so much time with over the years.  But there comes a time when we are all ready to retire…some of us sooner than others.

Why would you retire sooner rather than later?

The answer to this question could vary from individual to individual.  I can only speak from my own experience.  I retired because my husband retired.  Of course, not all spouses have that flexibility.

Due to our age difference, I do have several more “working years” ahead of me, if I had chosen to work.  I chose instead to retire early to be with my husband.  Will that put a strain on our financial picture?  Probably, but we have prepared with that in mind.

We have also chosen to retire abroad which reduces the cost of living, and our retirement dollars will last longer.

Other reasons to retire sooner rather than later could include:  burnout, desire for change, other unfulfilled ambitions, health reasons, etc.

How can you retire sooner rather than later?

Retire abroad (like we did), specifically in a place with a lower cost of living

  • Invest wisely in your youth so your retirement nest egg grows quicker
  • Start a small business. You’ve heard that network marketing jobs and earning money on the internet are the wave of the future, and we’re in the future now.  Every day new virtual storefronts are opening, new businesses blooming, and retailers are finding that direct sales is a positive trend and products are being marketed solely in this fashion.  For more ideas on starting your own business visit …

When is retiring sooner rather than later?

This is a question you should explore with your financial advisor.

So to answer this question, and to have a basis for your financial advisor, you will want to get all of your ducks in a row.  By this I mean you should have an idea of what retirement looks like for you.  Will you want:

  • to live in the same house
  • to move closer to the grandkids
  • to travel a lot
  • to work a part time job
  • to buy a new car
  • to start paying for long term care insurance
  • to buy real estate in a warmer climate

Estimate what your retirement expenses would be in your preferred scenario.  Then, make an accounting of your available assets.  With that information in hand, your financial advisor should be able to help you project and plan accordingly.  Of course, you may need to make adjustments to bring projected income and expenses into alignment.

Can I retire sooner rather than later?

Only you know for sure, depending on you responded to the HOW, WHEN & WHY questions in this article.  Some of us want to retire sooner rather than later.  Others want to work as long as they are able.

I am so glad we retired early.  We are able to enjoy ourselves while we are still physically able.  We didn’t work ourselves to near death.  I am afraid that many of our readers and subscribers may be working so hard to get to that retirement day.

I would love to suggest finding something that interests you, that you might get passionate about, and then investigate how you can market that online.  That’s what we have done and we are in the process of helping others do the same.  We are learning every day new ways to be effective, new ways to help others be effective.  This business has allowed us to retire sooner rather than later.


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