By | March 8, 2016

Product: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 95/100
Price: Free Starter Membership for an unlimited time;
Premium Membership $47/month or a discounted annual fee of $359
Owners: Carson Lim & Kyle Loudoun of Victoria British Columbia, Canada
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate is a community which provides training, support and coaching, helpful tools, and critical services essential to running an online business. It’s been in business since 2005; so it’s not a fly by night operation.  Rather than posing as “gurus” of online marketing, Kyle & Carson have created a truly open education environment where members can all learn from each other. In that way, WA is markedly different than any other online marketing solution I have found.


You’ve found your way here, so let’s start with the positives to being part of this program. Here are some of my favorite “positives” or “pros” of Wealthy Affiliate, and keep in mind that most of these are available to you at no cost!!

  • No techie background needed!  It is one thing to learn strategies, and quite another to actually do them! At Wealthy Affiliate, you can put this stuff to work without being a professional programmer or having a lot of technical knowledge.
  • Support and/or Coaching is available in several ways. To begin, there is social engagement through friends, profiles, blogging, and threads of questions and comments. There is a search function which usually provides great discussions of any given question in moments. Or, you can ask for help in live chat. In my experience, answers always come within a few minutes!
  • Training is extensive, including multiple levels and tracks. For example, the track entitled Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp includes seven levels of ten sessions each. Each session includes step by step assignments to work on developing your own online business.Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Training also includes classrooms which offer opportunities to go into greater depth in a variety of aspects of online marketing, such as keyword research, search engine optimization, website design, local marketing, video marketing, and email marketing.
  • Tools and services may be less visible initially, but they are equally important. Wealthy Affiliate provides secure and fast hosting, a spam free environment, technical support, a keyword research tool, and more. Even at the free starter level, you are given two free websites, with a choice of 12 beautifully designed WordPress templates.
  • It’s FREE to get started.  And being rather wary myself, I signed up for the free version to try it out for a while before making any commitment.  To my surprise, I was never even asked for a credit card!  So, I jumped right in, began both free training courses, and build my two free websites.
  • The Premium level is everything; there are no upsells! Premium subscribers have access to virtually unlimited websites with thousands of WordPress templates to choose from. Plus,I quickly realized that even if I were to immediately upgrade, the cost would be significantly less than the previous training I had tried.


When I began using Wealthy Affiliate at the free starter level, I was quite skeptical of whether they could live up to the reviews I had seen. I was pleasantly surprised and had to think a while to come up with any negatives. In time, I did think of these:

  • The free Starter membership includes only the two 10 session courses, entitled “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started” and “Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp — Starting Your Foundation.” In other words, you don’t get everything, but it’s certainly enough to see if you want to continue.
  • With so much training available, you are forced to pick and choose what courses to take.
  • It’s easy to get so caught up in social engagement with Wealthy Affiliate members that you forget to work on your business.


Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is for ANYONE interested in running a successful online business, or taking an already successful online business to the next level. You can use it to monetize an existing interest or hobby into a successful affiliate business, to sell your services as a freelance professional, or even to promote your local “brick & mortar” business.  The community of Wealthy Affiliate members is incredible, and the camaraderie is evident from the beginning. You are not alone. You don’t have to be a technological expert, there are no age requirements, and it is not confined to one area of the country or even world. If you have an electronic presence on the internet, whether it is a computer, an iPad or even a mobile phone, YOU can be party of Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate training is not just a quick overview; the FREE training provided is comprehensive and organized. The training is geared to any level of expertise, including advanced marketers. You’ll find different formats for different learning styles.

  • Classrooms – live weekly training classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Specific topics
  • Interactive discussions
  • Videos and Tutorials
  • Task Based Courses

Click the image below for a brief tour of the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Wealthy AffiliateThere are over ONE THOUSAND powerful training modules on Wealthy Affiliate. Each opportunity reveals a different business model that could be used to increase your success. These training opportunities are an incredible “PERK” to Wealthy Affiliate. You have access to so many tools, all the tools you will need to run a successful online business. Fill your tool belt today!


What is your knee jerk reaction when you have a question? Do you say – let’s “google” it? When did “google” become a verb? When it comes to working with Wealthy Affiliate and making money online, you have timely support. You can get help whenever you need it – 24/7. That’s right – you are never alone.  For example, here’s a question I asked just today.

The Wealthy Affiliate community offers support every hour of every day. (Really! I’ve actually asked a question at 2 a.m. and had my answer within 10 minutes!) You can ask your question, and your answer will come. You will have private one on one support with an expert.


• Starter Membership – FREE – ZERO DOLLARS!!! (Join Here!)

You may have your doubts – nothing good is really free. But in this case, it’s true. When you join “Starter” you are going to be granted immediate access to the Wealthy Affiliate community – to those cheering you on to success. You’ll have access to live chat and premium support (for 7 days), training modules and classrooms, networking, two free websites, and up to 30 free searches using the keyword tool. This is a tremendous opportunity – you’ll not find another FREE opportunity like this that will help you accomplish what you’d like to get done. If you’re still skeptical, check it out, FREE. (And, for the real skeptics, “No, you don’t have to give a credit card number!”)

• Premium Membership – $47/month or $359/year (Join Here!)

For those of you that are truly serious and want to experience the full version of Wealthy Affiliate immediately, the premium membership is for you. You’ll have access to all the training modules. You can take them in the suggested sequence or in any order you choose! You are respected as an adult with a wealth of experience and expertise of your own.  At the same time, there is always someone to help when you need it.

Plus, you can create all the websites you desire, without worrying about fees for hosting, fees for keyword tool usage, website builders, hired help to search out answers to your questions, etc. You have all that you need within the Wealthy Affiliate Premium package. You will not need another resource book, you’ll not get caught up in any other internet scams, or have to take another internet course…ever. Wealthy Affiliate Premium is top of the line.


Wealthy Affiliate is a valuable tool to help you get started with your internet business. It is safe and scam free. Doesn’t it make sense to trust Wealthy Affiliate’s years of expertise at being the most innovative business community on-line?  At least join the free starter, setup your profile, take advantage of the free training, and check it out!

Now about the bonus offer …

When you join your FREE Starter Account, you can hang around Wealthy Affiliate as long as you want even if you never become a Premium Member.  However, if you decide to become a PREMIUM Member in the first 7 days you will receive a 59% discount on your first month, some valuable free training, and access to my personal profile where you can ask questions and be assured of a personal reply.

And there’s more … I’ll give you the details inside.  I am online in Wealth Affiliate virtually every day and promise to contact you personally as soon as I can to offer some tips and answer any questions on your mind, including how to claim your bonus.

So, come on in, kick a few tires, look under the hood, and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive.  Then ask your toughest questions, and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Your friend,





  1. Matt T

    Wealthy Affiliate is rooted in online business concepts that have worked for the past 10 years and will continue to work for the next 10+ years. With a focus on providing quality content for site visitors and maximizing SEO, members can focus on capturing an audience for their information, and ultimately make sales.

    I’ve been a member for over two years now and it’s the best decision I ever made – I owe 99% of my online business success to the WA platform. It took me a few months to make my first sale, but the momentum really picked up after the 6-month mark. It’s amazing to be able to produce an online income from topics I’m passionate about.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Spot on! It’s great to hear from yet another satisfied WA colleague.

  2. Steen

    Hi David!
    It sounds really appealing. I have once in a while surfed Rudy for a place where I can learn how to build me a online business.
    Most of the programs that I have met costing significantly more than just $ 47 a month.
    In addition to that they tend to be a lot of extra courses that cost minst three times as much.
    You write 24/7 support? You also say it’s free to boot. How is it possible for the price?

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Take the free option, and try Wealthy Affiliate out for yourself. Learn all you can and, if you don’t decide to upgrade to the premium edition, you haven’t even given out your credit card number!

  3. John Rico

    Hi David! I admire the way you presented your review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is very informative. What i like the most is that WA offers opportunities for FREE. I mean, who else does that? By the way, Thanks for inspiring me to do more in WA. There may be ups and down. but u believe patience is the key. More Power!

    1. David

      Thank you! I certainly agree with your comment. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to subscribe for free for as long as you desire speaks very clearly to their straight-forward and honest way of doing business.

  4. Chris

    Well this sounds like the type of training I have been looking for – and not overpriced for once either!
    I’ve found that starting my business up online has not been as easy as I originally thought it would be.
    I struggle with basic seo in my writing – will these guys be able to help me with that?

    1. David

      I especially appreciate that you can join for free and take as long as you like to decide if you want to upgrade. And yes, writing for SEO has changed a lot in recent years. Their teaching is up to date; and if you have questions, they respond very quickly in my experience!

  5. Jovo

    This is a fair review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am an insider, I passed all courses they offer and I have built two sites there. So I can only confirm what you write about this great platform which hosts mt sites.

    I would only add one thing which might be interesting to your visitors, you missed to say, there is in fact yet another package of 10 free lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp with a lot of information for beginners.

    1. David

      Thank you, Jovo. That’s right! There are actually two sets of 10 free lessons available for beginners in affiliate marketing.

  6. David

    Very well written blog on the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliates.

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member twice. The first time many years ago when Wealthy Affiliate was only 3 years, and I dropped out after just 3 months. The reason I dropped out was because it was very unorganized at that time. I got lost easy, and never knew what to do next.

    However, a few years later I gave it another try. And to my amazement it was 100% better. Much more organized with step-by-step courses, and a great support team. The owners of Wealthy Affiliates has really done an amazing job.

    Any way to make a long story short I really recommend giving it a try for anyone who want’s to start they own business.

    1. David

      Thank you. As you allude, Wealthy Affiliate has had several years to mature and has stood the test of time.

  7. Sheila

    Hi David,
    Love your honest review of wealthy affilaite. I have taken advantage of the free membership and already have a website up and running. The training is so interesting and keeps you engaged. I’m past the 7 day trail, so I have lost my ability to ask questions within the community through live chat. How long have you been a WA member and how long should it take to complete the training before your making real money?

    1. David

      Sheila, Congratulations on joining the Wealthy Affiliate community. In a sense you never complete the training; there are over 1000 lessons already and new ones being added everyday. So you can continue to learn more for years. As to when you make money; that depends on your niche, your keyword analysis, your content, and more. Every case is different.

  8. Marant

    Hi David!,
    I enjoyed reading your article about Wealthy Affiliate. It really make me glad that I joined, but its articles like yours that make me wish I had joined sooner! My favorite part of WA is the training and the help the is available 24/7! If you get stuck all you have to do is ask someone, and you will get an answer fast! By the way how long have you been with WA? And whats been your favorite part of being a member?

    1. David

      Thanks, Marant. I agree with you about the training and 24/7 help. To add one more thing, I’d say the hosting and support for unlimited WordPress websites; that’s a big calling card too!

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