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Product:  ClickBank UniversityClickBank University
Overall Ranking80/100
Price:  $47 per month + $297/year for SiteBuilder + $97 for Advanced Masterclass
Owners:  Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan


  • ClickBank (founded in 1998) has been around for more than 15 years and is one of the largest marketplaces for online digital products. They boast estimated sales of over $2.5 billion dollars and over 300 million products sold.  You may find some low quality products on ClickBank, especially in the e-Business and personal help categories, but overall their reputation is great, and you will see discover many of their vendors and affiliates being very successful.
  • ClickBank University (founded in 2014) is a relatively new, online video training course designed to take you step-by-step to becoming a successful product developer or affiliate marketer. The products available through ClickBank University are designed to help anyone build an on-line business whether it be as a hobby, passion, or main source of income.
  • Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, the developers of ClickBank University, are attractive and charismatic. These gentlemen may not be household names like Steve Jobs or Donald Trump, but they certainly have made a name for themselves as successful affiliate marketers.  In fact, these two men were honored among the best young entrepreneurs by the President of the United States and have generated millions of dollars from ClickBank.  Adam & Justin make you feel comfortable when they tell you ‘you don’t need to be an expert in your subject, you just need to know a little more than those you are targeting as your target audience.’  They offer easy to understand training to help you determine what your target audience may be looking for, and maybe more importantly – willing to pay for, and then show you how to upload those profitable products to ClickBank to have other affiliates sell for you.  This is known as making passive/residual income on-line, and it is available to everyone.


Let’s start with the good stuff first.

  • The training videos by Adam and Justin are high quality, though certainly not yet comprehensive. In addition to the videos available on demand, there are also live weekly classes with Q&A.
  • Although they do not provide an auto-responder, they do provide good training in list-building and e-mail marketing.
  • The Site Builder software dramatically speeds up the development of your site and product sales funnel and does not bog down your system.
  • ClickBank University provides templates and everything you need to set up your product, including free hosting.
  • Video trainings allow you to post comments and to read the comments of others.

And now, what are some of the not-so-positive aspects?

  • Cost – it’s not cheap!
  • You will immediately be faced with high-pressure offers for two upsells: the Site Builder and Advanced Masterclasses.
  • The training has its limitations as far as the choices available. You’ll get to a certain point and feel the frustration of needing more, such as search engine optimization, finding keywords, etc.
  • No keyword tool is included.
  • Your scope of learning is limited to ClickBank affiliate marketing only and does not touch on other affiliate strategies, such as becoming an Amazon affiliate.
  • You won’t learn how to sell physical products.
  • Most troubling to me: there was no way to get my questions answered quickly.

Save time and go directly to a review of my recommended program for starting an online business. ~ David 


I would say ClickBank University is primarily designed for the inexperienced marketer or vendor looking for a way to break into affiliate marketing.


  • For beginners, ClickBank University offers step-by-step training videos describing how to design your product from scratch right up to loading the product for sale on ClickBank.
  • The advanced course covers techniques for optimizing your sales funnel, mobile optimization, setting up an exit pop up page (annoying), A/B testing (this is split testing your sales page with different wording or images to analyze which version converts the best (really cool), joint venture partnerships, list management, using webinars to sell products, outsourcing, customizing order forms and reducing refunds, just to name a few.
  • Affiliate marketing videos cover “how to” become an affiliate marketer for ClickBank, including topics of email, social, pay per click, and video marketing.
  • Adam and Justin host weekly, live, on-line webinar trainings where you can ask questions live via text (helpful if your question is addressed).
  • You can also listen to previously recorded ClickBank University talks in which Adam and Justin share their marketing experiences – encouraging, yet repetitive.
  • Site Builder helps you set up your product funnel including sales, thank you, launch, upsell, joint venture pages, and membership sites in just a few clicks.
  • A community forum, organized by topics, offers the opportunity to interact with others in your niche via threaded discussions. It’s a place to share and learn from others.


ClickBank University provides support via

  • An online “ticket” system.
  • Weekly live sessions, including Q&A
  • A community forum where you engage with other members via threaded discussions
  • Access to Adam and Justin via their Facebook pages
  • Comments and responses on training videos.


  • $47 per month for ClickBank University
  • $297 per year for ClickBank Site Builder
  • $97 for Advanced Masterclasses


ClickBank itself provides a great warehouse of products and services just waiting for online marketers to look into and use to develop their niche.  ClickBank University is designed to help those people that want to create their own product and have the tools and training they’ll need to get started.  Online marketing can be overwhelming.  There are a lot of voices out there trying to get our attention.  Unfortunately, after using it myself to get started, I soon felt frustrated by the lack of access or immediate response to my questions.  The site builder appears to be a great tool, although I did not use it personally.  Adam and Justin are so likable, you want to trust them.  They have had amazing success, and I still often listen to their video blogs.

Personally, I would much prefer recommending WEALTHY AFFILIATE as a means both for getting started and for on-going training, encouragement, and support for the long-term.  I have gotten immediate help and continue to make friends and learn new ways to optimize my businesses.  They provide free hosting, great support, amazingly comprehensive training, unlimited website installs, and much more, all at a cost lower than ClickBank University.  Here’s a quick comparison of features:



  1. Owain

    I have recently begun creating my site. I am at the moment filling it with quality posts, at least I think they are quality, lol. My next step is to join affiliate programs and put links in the appropriate places to sell stuff. I have heard of Clickbank so I was interested to read about Clickbank University.

    I went straight to the cons of this. I do feel that $47 a month is a little too high for me. I think I will wait To join until I am making some money with this. Do you think that this is a wise approach?

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Personally, yes. However, the bottom line is that you need to find the resources you need to succeed. For me, I’ve found the training, resources, and support I need at Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Viljoen

    Hi David

    Clickbank University is a great product to learn info product development and then to sell it on Clickbank itself.

    I would not really recommend the affiliate marketing training within Clickbank itself. I tried it a couple of years back so I do not know if they changed some of the material.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for sharing you experience with Clickbank and Clickbank University! They are both legit products, and CBU may be better for product development as you suggest. For affiliate marketing training and a supportive community, my go to program is Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Stanley

    Good sharing and review. I am not aware that click bank university charges additional services for site builder and advance masterclasses on top of usual standard service. Without offering keyword search is another minus but to be fair, click bank as an affiliate program is a good program for online users. Good insight.

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Thanks for the affirmation. I have separate receipts on file for Click Bank University and the two upsells. Probably the biggest difference in retrospect is that CBU tries to upscale very quickly. I prefer the approach taken by Wealthy Affiliate — building a solid foundation of valuable content first.

  4. Karissa

    Nice review! I enjoyed reading about it because I too recently did a review on ClickBank vs Wealthy Affiliate.

    I agree with all of your pros and cons, they are very informative!

    I think ClickBank is too much for newbies, but it can work for people who are knowledgeable about the business. However, Wealthy Affiliate far surpasses ClickBank in my opinion!

  5. Cathy

    Hi David,

    I watched the preview of CBU at the official website and I must say, that was quite an interesting video. It’s really tempting to sign up after hearing to all the success stories.

    Unfortunately, like you said, the cost is the biggest deterrent. It’s a shame though because they do have some really good digital products that can benefit the affiliate marketers.

    But if the training cost is too much for newbies, people will just shy off from the network entirely and move onto the next.

    1. admin

      I actually went a step farther than you. I bit the bullet and bought into CBU, used it for a short while, then analyzed my purchase and decided I really wasn’t getting enough to justify the expense. Of course, if a person had the instant success they allude to, that would be different. It’s easy to get caught up in chasing unrealistic dreams; that’s why I prefer the more down to earth approach of Wealthy Affiliate which focuses on doing the work to build a sound business.

  6. Janelle

    Hi David. Thanks for the clickbank review. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from them lately, selling the clickbank university.. and they do give out a lot of free training that I have used.
    Generally speaking I thought the price was on par with a lot of other training programs.
    I guess as time goes by they might be a viable training option, but they need to expand their courses before they match the others in this price range.
    There are so many other opportunities apart from the click bank network to make money with.

    1. David

      You’re right. For the money, there are others who provide more. Having tried both, I feel that I receive much more through Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. Diana Karp

    WELL DONE, and I really mean it. I had never heard of Clickbank University before and you gave such an in-depth and unbiased review. For sure, it does have some good components, as you generously pointed out. It’s nice to know there are other young entrepreneurs out there who are likable, trying to do good, and helping others get their start.

    It’s also nice to know that you still refer back to some of the blogs and videos you had access to. This must provide you with an even richer experience, even now that you are fully ensconced in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    And finally, it’s very nice to know that of the two programs, you prefer the one that I- too- am signed on with. Glad I made the right choice!!

    1. David

      Thanks, Diana. Yes, ClickBank University is certainly a legitimate program and will get better over time. However, I too am glad I found a better program and at less cost. It especially meets my need for timely help when I get stuck on something. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing!

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