Freedom in Healthcare The following post is contributed by guest writer, Ken Fisher, MD.  It is offered to stimulate thinking about healthcare in the United States, a topic of major concern to U.S citizens and residents who are anticipating retirement.  This post comprises chapter 10 of Dr. Fisher’s book entitled, Understanding Healthcare: a historical perspective.… Read More »

First Trip Back to See Family & Friends

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by today. If this your first visit to this blog or if you’re here often, WELCOME! This article will have a bit of a personal touch and not so much information on a particular retirement issue. David and I are just coming off our first trip back “home” after living… Read More »


In an attempt to keep everyone safe and/or informed, let me start with a question: Do you have a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet, and/or a desktop computer?  If you have one or more of this list, you really need to read this article to make sure you are protected.  Why?  Did you know… Read More »


Are you looking for the perfect product or service to market?  I know exactly how you feel. My wife and I have been internet marketers for nearly two years, and throughout that time we have been on the prowl for just the right product and niche.  We both agreed that we wanted a product that… Read More »