Would You Like to Learn How to Build an Affiliate Website for Free?WebSites

You can build a website for yourself or for someone else, even if you have no experience with such an endeavor – I am here to help you!  You can use it as an affiliate website or for pretty much any purpose you choose.

It’s easier now than ever to create a website fairly quickly due to the simplified services and platforms available.  Like never before, professional quality websites are popping up designed by people just like you and me!

Here’s an important question to get us started …

What Are the Most Important Aspects of a Website?

  • Design and Appearance
  • Ease of navigationWordPress
  • Quality content
  • Speed and Load Time
  • CMS Use (see next section)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you focus on these six elements, your website will likely succeed and produce the results you are seeking.  But it doesn’t just happen, so let me make a suggestion.  I recommend using WordPress, and you can get started NOW by entering a domain in the box below.  Why wait another minute?

WordPress Is a True Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress has been around for a while, and you have more than likely heard of them due to their good reputation.  This very website uses WordPress for the very reason it is the most widely used website framework.

In the old days, if you wanted website content, you’d have to write your own HTML, and a computer science degree, or at least knowledge of programming, was essential.  But today, ANYONE can build a website because all of that work has been done for us.  The beauty of progress and Content Management Systems, like WordPress!

Benefits to Enjoy with WordPress

  • Easy installation and set up (just a click of a button)
  • No need to write code, know HTML, or have a computer science degree
  • One click install for thousands of add-on features
  • Friendly Customer Support and help from within the community

I’ve used several platforms over the years and now have several WordPress sites.  I heartily recommend WordPress!  It’s user friendly and capable of so much more than you could ever imagine.  You’ll soon feel like a pro!

It’s Free!!  So, Let’s Get Started Now!

Below you’ll find a short video for you to watch to help you ease into this process and get your website going quickly and efficiently.  No need to recreate the wheel — I want to show you exactly how simple it is.

Build a Website Free in 30 Seconds

WATCH:  How to Create Website in under 30 seconds

The help is here for you – all you have to do is say YES! and follow these three steps:

  • Step #1 –> Start Building Your Website for FREE at Site
  • Step #2 –> Create a totally FREE account
  • Step #3 –> YOU get access to 2 free websites and an entire training platform

Just like that!  You can’t beat this offer.  Go ahead.  Build your free website, use it however you please, then — do me a quick favor — come back here and let me know in the comments.


Just ask.  I’m just a click away by leaving me a comment, question or inquiry below.  Or, the “About” page has my direct e-mail contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,




  1. Pat

    This is truly a great way to build a website. It is so fast and easy. I also like the fact that the hosting is free. Can the websites be moved?
    Thanks, Pat

    1. David Hagstrom Post author

      Great question! Yes, they can. I originally built this website on SiteRubix, then later moved it to its own .com domain.

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